Monday, 11 January 2010

All way to China

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR peeps!
In the beginning of January, I went to Beijing. It's snowing!

Lemme introduce you, my friend Rahmi with her Panda's hat. It's Freezing like mad -16℃ !!

"According to the Beijing Youth Daily, such t emperatures would be the coldest in the capital in 40 years."

Great Wall covered with snow

This is Lake in Summer Palace covered with snow, my favorite place in Beijing. See the difference? I actually kinda scared that the ice gonna cracked up, tee hee..

Short visit to Forbidden City

I also took some picture with my analog camera, just wait for the result :)

So long Beijing! I'm gonna visit you again soon, because I haven't done with you yet!


  1. nabung! kita jalan2 ke next destination, middle east! :p